Annie's Cell - Short Play by Martin Drake

"Grant wakes up in a cold dark cell to find his hands bound behind his back. Where is he? What is this place? And who is holding him here? A voice comes from the cell next door — it’s Annie.  Can she help free them or has she been down here too long?"

Over the last month I've been beavering away at my next writing project, Annie's Cell. It's my second short play following on from last year's 'Altitude', a comedy about 3 people in a hot air balloon which was performed at two evenings at the Zion Centre, Bristol. Annie's Cell has been written especially for another evening at the Zion entitled 'Venture into the Unknown'. It's a script-in-hand performance of seven short plays by writers from the South West, produced and directed by BS13 Company.  

The evening will take place on Saturday 18th April, 7pm, at Zion Community Art Space, Bishopsworth Rd, BS13 7JW. Tickets are £8.50. Facebook. 0117 9231212,

Synopses of the other plays...
Achilles’ Paw by Andrzej Wawrowski.
Dave has built a time machine. He thinks. Dorothy wants to travel with him. She thinks. 
But where does the true unknown lie? Why does Dave keep looking at his watch? 
And just what is it about Achille’s Paw?

The Experiment by Clare Reddaway.
During a laboratory experiment in 2014, Swiss Scientists ‘discovered’ that ghosts were just an illusion created by the mind. Or did they? For one unlucky participant things didn’t go according to plan.

The Inheritance by Martin Fey.
Following the demise of the opinionated family matriarch, three siblings assemble at the family home 
to deal with the estate and an uncertain future. But will Mother be able to rest in peace?

Neighbourhood Watch by Brian Coyle
It's fifteen years in the future and the UK is practically a police state, where saying the wrong thing gets you into big trouble. A chilling piece about state control and whether, under these circumstances, the concept of neighbourliness has any meaning.

Content in Colour by Andy Alderson
Ben likes things to be in order, even in his dreams. Taking the audience on a tour of his recurring dream and its various strange elements, he thinks he has finally discovered what it means. The enigmatic Mr Crow has other ideas.

The Light Box by Chris Worthington
At an ancient monument, an inquisitive young man on a walking holiday discovers some magic mushrooms and mysterious engravings that resemble the paintings on display in the country hotel where he is staying. A chance encounter with the artist in residence leads to a shocking climax.