From Malta with Love - Part Five - Gozo, Victoria and Ramla Bay


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This is the penultimate post in the Malta/Gozo collection! The first half of the shots were taken in Gozo's capital, Victoria (also known as Rabat or Citta Victorio).  Unfortunately I fear we didn't see it in its best light. The roads were hazardous with roadworks and the Citadel (historic fortified city) was covered in construction work - obviously a sign of significant investment. That all said, the view from the Citadel's walls was stunning.

The second half of this post was taken one evening at the beautiful Ramla Bay. We had a lovely stroll along the golden sands lit by the warm setting sun.   There are two ways to drive there - the easy way and the hard way - naturally we chose the hard way, down a winding, single track road. Luckily on the way home we discovered the easy way! 

The Beautiful Ramla Bay