Hello :) I really appreciate you dropping by. I'm Martin Alexander-Drake. I take pictures and pursue a positive and creative life with my amazing wife Caroline.

Life is fleeting; I photograph it to try and capture, and celebrate, the beauty and magic of the everyday. But also, because I am compelled to, because soon everything will be gone, and I don’t understand why.

In my spare time I like to shoot the streets. ‘Street photography’ can be controversial, I appreciate that… I have no permission, I invade peoples privacy, and I imply stories that aren’t really there or true. But I think (at least I hope) my intentions are good. I'd like us to reflect together on the mundane, the ordinary, and realise that - this is it, this is our lives, we have one shot.

Big Love MAD x

P.S. During the day I'm Creative Director at Preconstruct, where I'm a hands-on digital artist/designer and direct teams to create CGI and other digital storytelling niceness.

Pictures from our wedding day by Ross. x ...